1. Well Known Territories
2. Overtones
3. Aural Sediments
4. Harbinger
5. State Of Hysteria
6. enCORE

Total time 68:59



Release date: 2009
Label: Frank Makowski

Online-only re-issue of the 2001s CD release, incl. exclusive bonus tracks.

"Core" was first released back in 2001 on the german Invisible Shadows label.
After focusing on collaborational projects for half a decade it just felt right to Frank to start a new solo production to locate "his" personal sound again. "Core" was the result, defining the borderline between the sequencer driven Berlin School roots of TRANQUILLITY and the soundscape approach of what later formed the spine of "The Speed Of Dark", his dark ambient project.

This expanded version of the original 5 track CD release includes the elusive edgerunner "enCORE". This track perfectly reflects both major parts of Franks electronic music to date, emerging ambiences as well, as classical mantric sequencer patterns. The basic recordings were done around 2000/01 and consist of a sketch of JamMan loop exercises and a slower, deeper version of the original sequences of "State Of Hysteria" from the "Core" CD. Both former tracks were marriaged and heavily postproduced in February 2009, making "enCORE" a perfect last statement for the online rerelease of the TRANQUILLITY back catalogue.

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