TRANQUILLITY - The Spectre Within / retroSPECTRE

Dark Water  

1. Puzzled Visions Of An Electric Mind
2. Lagrange Point
3. Heliotrope
4. Dies Irae
5. Laplace´ Demon
6. Blueprints For Fantasy
7. Flatlines
8. With My Eyes
9. Hermeneutic Lightnings
10. Mass-Hypnosis
11. Timecruising
12. The Spectre Within
13. Early Lightnings
14. Mare Tranquilitatis
15. Copperblue
16. Akihabara

Total time 84:48



Release date: 2008
Label: Frank Makowski

Online-only re-issue of the 1994s debut album, incl. exclusive bonus tracks.

"The Spectre Within" was first released back in 1994 on the german ARDEMA label. After a handful of early music cassette releases this album marks the official debut. As a bonus this re-release features four additional tracks I´ve grabbed from my archive. Those were never released before (with the exception of track 13) and span the same peroid (1991-1994) of the original tracks recorded for "Spectre":

"Early Lightnings" being the most unusual extra track from this collection. Recorded back in 1991 it is by far the oldest piece here. It´s the only prereleased one, so it was part of the MC only album „The Luenen Rehearsals“ which encompanied the first ever TRANQUILLITY live performance back in 1993. And it is the only track that I laid hand on in these days, removing some annoying clicks and adding reverb. Thou it remains unedited. "Mare Tranquilitatis" was recorded under the impression of a multimedia installation called "SpacePeople", I had realizied together with two local video artist in August 1994 in Marl / Germany. "Copperblue", directly linked to Tangerine Dreams "Heartbreakers" soundtrack, and "Akihabara" are two recordings from the same year, that have disappeared into the archives darkness.

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