Tomorrow SONEMARK will play at the Summer Inspiration OpenAir 2010 at Lake Grosstolpen near Leipzig. SONEMARK was invited to play the 10th Anniversary of the festival series and will be the only live act to enter the main stage this evening.

Today Torsten TMA Abel and Frank Makowski will make their very first public appearance with their new collaborational project SONEMARK. The project will be presented with a special live performance broadcasted by ELDORADIO, a student radio station located at Dortmund University / Germany. The show will be broadcasted locally via air and worldwide via online stream from the ELDORADIO website. The performance will be acompanied by interviews with Torsten & Frank and premiers of studio outtakes from their ongoing work.

Concert with the Ambient Circle at the Gasometer Oberhausen. The concert is realised in cooperation with the West Deutscher Rundfunk WDR for their series „WDR 5 liest vor“ and encompanies a reading of Isaac Asimovs „The Caves of Steel“.


The Ambient Circle has won the Schallwende Award 2008 in the category "Best Newcomer"!
Accompanying the award itself the german CD-manufacturer Interdisc is sponsoring a full-scale CD release, so you can await a first official album by the Ambient Circle in the future. Congratulation to the complete AC staff and to Thomas Herrmann, the founder of the AC.

The reissue of the third TRANQUILLITY "Core" is now available on .

"Core" was first released back in 2001 on the german Invisible Shadows label.
After focusing on collaborational projects for half a decade it just felt right to Frank to start a new solo production to locate "his" personal sound again. "Core" was the result, defining the borderline between the sequencer driven Berlin School roots of TRANQUILLITY and the soundscape approach of what later formed the spine of "The Speed Of Dark", his dark ambient project.
This expanded version of the original 5 track CD release includes the elusive edgerunner "enCORE". This track perfectly reflects both major parts of Franks electronic music to date, emerging ambiences as well, as classical mantric sequencer patterns. The basic recordings were done around 2000/01 and consist of a sketch of JamMan loop exercises and a slower, deeper version of the original sequences of "State Of Hysteria" from the "Core" CD. Both former tracks were marriaged and heavily postproduced in February 2009, making "enCORE" a perfect last statement for the online rerelease of the TRANQUILLITY back catalogue.

Frank Makowski will participate on the coming Ambient Circle session #14.
The event will take place at the UnperfektHaus in Essen / Germany on March 14th, 2009.
Estimated time of beginning is 7:30 p.m.

Beside the listener section the Ambient Circle is also officially nominated for the Schallwelle award for best newcomer, jury choice.

TRANQUILLITY is featured again, this time on the KlangArten-Podcast #9.

TRANQUILLITY is featured on Vol.24 of the Syndae-Podcast.
Produced in Germany but moderated in English language this is highly recommended to foreign EM friends.
Stefan, thanks a lot for the support and I hope you´ll enjoy hosting the cast for a long lasting time.

"The Speed of Dark" is featured on Vol.7 of the german KlangARTen-Podcast.
Thanks a lot for the support and good luck with your work, Brammi!

The reissue of the second TRANQUILLITY "Deus Ex Machina" is now available on .

"Deus Ex Machina" was first released back in 1996 on Lambert Ringlages famous Spheric Music label.
After finishing "The Spectre Within" two years earlier, Frank has got involved in several live-projects, such as Bernhard Krugs Universalsymphonie "Hoeren & Sehen" and "Mediamorphose" an ambitious live-performance, melting electronic music and big-scale video projections conceived by two local video artists Michael Rentmeister and Peter Lorant. The latter act was performed live 1995 with Holle Mangler supporting on keys. The music (tracks# 3-6), especially composed for the event, later formed the nucleus of this second TRANQUILLITY album.
This expanded version contains "Locomotion", which was the opening track of the "Mediamorphose" concept and wasn´t part of the original CD release, remaining elsewhere unavailable. "Deus Ex Machina" formally was released on the "Syntonic Waves Vol.6" compilation and wasn´t part of the CD release either. Due to its name and being from the same period as the rest of the album it truely completes the re-issue here.

Frank Makowski is nominated two times for the german electronic music award "Schallwelle". Well, sort of, so he is nominated both in person and as part of the Ambient Circle in the category Best Artist / Best Act listeners choice. The award is open for public voting, so if you would like to support feel free to visit www.schallwelle-preis.de

Official launch of frankmakowski.com

The year ends with a big surprise for some of you:
first of all will this be the very last update of the site... as you know it.
In January 2009 the complete content will be thrown overboard, making space for a complete new startup and redesign. The new content will even more focus on my very own music and will feature extensive and exclusive music downloads, to name just one change.

Plus, the current year will end with the re-release of the TRANQUILLITY debut "The Spectre Within" on .

"The Spectre Within" was first released back in 1994 on the german ARDEMA label. After a handful of early music cassette releases this album marks the official debut of TRANQUILLITY. As a bonus this re-release features four additional tracks I´ve grabbed from my archive. Those were never released before (with the exception of track 13) and span the same peroid (1991-1994) of the original tracks recorded for "Spectre":
"Early Lightnings" being the most unusual track from this collection. Recorded back in 1991 it is by far the oldest piece here. It´s the only prereleased one, so it was part of the MC only album „The Luenen Rehearsals“ which encompanied the first ever TRANQUILLITY live performance back in 1993. And it is the only track that I laid hand on in these days, removing some annoying clicks and adding reverb. Thou it remains unedited. "Mare Tranquilitatis" was recorded under the impression of a multimedia installation called "SpacePeople", I had realizied together with two local video artist in August 1994 in Marl. "Copperblue", directly linked to Tangerine Dreams "Heartbreakers" soundtrack, and "Akihabara" are two recordings from the same year, that have disappeared into the archives darkness.

Nuff said. I just hope you´ll enjoy it as well as I did, when I made my way through the tracks after all this years.

Let 2009 be extraordinary by best means for all of us!

Stay tuned!

Yours truly
Frank Makowski